Enter If You Dare!


Any time, any game, any system!

Deep within the wilderness, atop a butte of ancient stone lies the Maze of Aeoklidias. There it has lain since before the Great Storm, though none who live now know of its purpose then. Whether ravaged by the Storm or purpose-built by some mad wizard, The Maze stands yet today.

Welcome to the Maze of Aeoklidias, a centuries-ancient magical construction of unknown origin and purpose. What is known is that brave and hardy adventurers have faced the Maze and found treasure beyond mere gold and gems. Be warned, however. More enter the Maze than leave it. Are you up to the challenge?

The Maze of Aeoklidias is an adventure supplement written for the Dungeon Crawl Unlimited RPG system but usable in any other. The basic map contains sixteen simple elements, any of which can be combined and recombined for completely new adventures.


This is a FREE download at DriveThruRPG. It was a lot of fun to write and I look forward to hearing about the evil things all the GMs out there do to their hapless players with it. It is primarily a puzzle adventure, repeatable many times, but with ample opportunity for combat if the players (or GM!) desire it.

Book sales are still flat so I’m working on another DCU adventure for now. This one is starting to look like a months-long campaign (at least) so I’ll probably sell it. Nothing happened with my screenplay, yet, but I’m still looking in that arena too.

So long for now and don’t tarry long at the Rusty Hinge.



Go From Zero To Game In Thirty Minutes Or Less!


At last! At long, long last my game is done! I’ve just uploaded the game and a supplement to DriveThroRPG.com. I did a free pre-release forms booklet containing character sheets, maps and excerpts from the core rules, but now IT IS DONE!

I feel good and a little bit giddy. Creating a brand-new RPG system is a lot of work and it’s all in the little details gamers take for granted when they warm up their dice and sit down to slay some dragons. It is definitely a labor of love, though, and I’m proud of my work. And tired from it.

For those of you not familiar with paper-and-dice RPGs, they’re GREAT! The players sit down at a table with snacks, paper, pencils and dice. The Game Master then sets the scenes for the evening’s adventure. Each player has a character within the game universe and he or she decides what that character will do in any given situation. Heroic actions, or attempts, are resolved by rolling dice and, with luck and resolve, the players’ characters emerge victorious.


That’s the link to Dungeon Crawl Unlimited. If you’re interested in gaming, download the pre-release Extra Forms Book. It contains excerpts from the core rules along with a complete adventure. And it’s FREE! -whew-

Okay. If y’all will excuse me now, I’m going to pay the Bulging Barrel a visit, slam down some ale and go hunting for adventure in the Silken Forest. I hear it’s full of monsters this time of year.

Fare thee well;