Just Driving Thru…

Well, I’ve found another potential distribution site. It’s called DriveThruFiction and the web page is


It’s a subsidiary of another publishing company, http://onebookshelf.com/ , and in addition to a fiction publishing site it also has several gaming sites associated with it. By ‘gaming’ I mean pencil-and-dice roleplaying games, which I enjoy playing and running. I put A Pattern of Details there, free of course, and here’s the link:


It’s too soon to say anything for certain. My book just went live. I will say a few things. The PDF format they require is a bit odd compared to other sites but not terribly so. The navigation also has a learning curve but not a bad one. My overall impression so far is good. I’ll be uploading my other books soon and I’ll report back when that happens.

Dr. Kincaid has been quiet for a while so I’ll probably work in another “Writing About Writing” blog as I can. Right now I’m working on my own RPG system. I’ve also got one book in the Stone Blade series cooking and another in a spinoff from Double Bait. I’ll post news as it happens.

*puts on shades and revs engine*

Ciao for now;



One thought on “Just Driving Thru…

  1. *ears prick up* Dice-rolling gaming? I’ve only ever done this once but loved it! Anything that combines gaming and reading is made of pure genius. Good luck with the new site 🙂

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