MathTools Update: Boxes and Surveys

I just released an updated version of Matt’s MathTools. It has several bugs stomped, two now graph paper generators and two new tools. The new tools are MathSurvey and MathSurveyReport. They are designed to collect, condense, digest and print survey-style data. The key is in the ability to mark specific surveys with any level of granularity. Replies can be tested, counted and discounted if null.

The graph paper generators are for triangle-grid paper and box-grid (genko yoshi style) paper. Of course the box paper can do more than that. It can do rows, columns or ‘islands’ of same-sized rectangles. It can also generate ellipses using the boxes for bounding boxes. Finally, it can produce specifically-sized and -spaced crosshairs for examining things under magnification.

I’m proud of it! If you’re interested, the project is at:

Of course it has lots of other goodies inside, too. It’s open-source and it is FREE!




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