Smashwords: The Honeymoon Is Over and Maybe the Marriage Too

Sad but true. I was excited when first I found Smashwords. They sold (I thought) multiple copies of “A Pattern of Details.” I was bedazzled. I had stars in my eyes. Sadly, like so many premature weddings, I fear divorce may be imminent.

Let me explain. I use OpenOffice for my writing and formatting. I have three publishing templates: CreateSpace, Smashwords and generic ebook. Each of these templates draws its material from the same source document(s). The source documents all have styles set for proper formatting. I’ve published six books without (many) problems. Each time I encountered a problem I adjusted my templates so that by book #5 (“Burning Crown” or Stone Blade #4) I had them perfected.

Or so I thought. I’ve been going back and re-publishing my books to “catch up” the “Other books by” section and Smashwords has suddenly started rejecting my files. The files from the SAME templates that didn’t generate any problems before. I guess I wouldn’t mind if they actually managed to SELL any of my books.

-sigh- I suppose I’ll keep using the site. Now, though, my initial enthusiasm has deteriorated into a marriage of convenience.



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