A Honeymoon Among the Stars!


It’s a royal wedding to lift the heaviest heart as Micah and Jenn Stone depart on their honeymoon cruise. Aboard ship they find their favorite movie stars, all bound for a goodwill tour of the Semid Federation. Disaster strikes when the ship is hijacked by a madman intent on revenge. Micah is left with little more than his wits to inform his friends of his plight and, somehow, effect a rescue!

Micah Stone and his fiancee Jenn finally tie the knot! They are married in a royal wedding in the Star Crown sector attended by the king himself! After the ceremony and many celebrations thereof, Micah and Jenn depart on their honeymoon cruise. They expect, and discover, many wonderful surprises and rich desserts courtesy of their wonderful large new family. Among the most wonderful: they’re on a cruise ship full of celebrities! The core cast of the League-famous (and beyond) Lethal Max movie series are also aboard along with equally famous musicians. They’re all bound for a goodwill tour of the Semid Federation.

All does not go as planned, though! Just before landing on the luxury world of Kathros the ship is hijacked! As Micah works desperately to effect a rescue he makes a chilling discovery: the hijacker is a madman with grandiose designs of a complex revenge to whom ransom means nothing. Worse still, even if he manages to defeat the criminals and save everyone else the consequences may shatter Jenn and himself!

Lethal Max is, pure and simple, an over-the-top action adventure. I do love a good, all-American adventure movie and this story is a tribute to some of my favorites. There is action. There is suspense. There is intrigue. There is romance! And, of course, all of the heroes must overcome overwhelming odds in order to save the day!



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