Good News and Good

First of all, I decided to scrap my XSL-FO implementation for now. It passed the point of diminishing returns and I wasn’t even halfway finished, so it’s in cold storage. For now. I may revive it later for a minimal implementation, but later. Later.

I also released another MathTools version, this one with some bugfixes and polish added. I finished adding the original equations back into the MEquation class, so it’s the same as before, but adding MORE equations is now really easy.I also wrote an automatic equation document generating script, because I’m lazy. I then wrote an OpenOffice spreadsheet to generate the code for each equation, because I’m really lazy! Other toys and fixes are in Matt’s MathBlog at the Sourceforge site:

Now for the really good news.


This is the one I couldn’t decide whether to go with something totally new or the stuff that worked for me so far. I’ve chosen the latter and I hope to have it knocked out, in rough, soon. After that, or perhaps if I get stuck, I’ll start my #6 rewrite. Either way, the creative juices are bubbling again and I am so happy about that!

Book sales spiked yesterday, so that felt good, but that was after three days of goose-egg. I finally decided that didn’t [profanity] matter, I’m going to write, even if I don’t sell a book for MONTHS! That does not preclude ideas I have for several other projects, so I’ll alternate as able. I am Groot!

Ciao for now;



One thought on “Good News and Good

  1. You have to continue with what works for you. Although trying something new could also have benefits: beefing up what currently works for you. If that makes sense…Congrats on the spike 🙂

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