XSL-FO: What’s in a name?

Book sales still down and I’m still on break. I’m still working on my XSL-FO tool and, I must say, the “Formatting Objects” abbreviation of the spec is TOTALLY apropos. It’s actually the fourth (fifth) XML-based markup I’ve added to MathTools. It comes after HTML, SVG, MathML, and MathTools private XML notation. BUT IT’S A MONSTER!!!

The basis of the problem is that I don’t have a good reference book to hold in my hands while I’m doing it. That means working straight from the W3C specification and that is, simply put, a NIGHTMARE! Still, I’m making progress. I’m also learning a lot. I’ve also developed a totally new utility tool. I call it Key-Value Reverse Connector and I developed it to help me match attributes with the tags to which they apply. So far so good and KVRC is a mighty nifty gizmo to play around with. The bad news (but not for ME) is that it won’t be available until the next release which won’t be soon.

Writing-wise, I’m still chewing on my next new (non-rewrite) story. I’m torn between same-ol’-same-ol’, which is fun to write, or the new idea that will stretch me as an author. Assuming XSL-FO leaves enough of me behind.

Ciao for now, I am Groot;



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