Tick, tock, whack the clock.

I don’t know what that title means! I have several disparate things to report so I guess any title is a good title. First of all, I just got my CreateSpace proof for Expedient Measures today. It looks good so I won’t have to adjust it any. Good thing since I always approve as soon as possible and correct later.

Book sales are still down and, with the publication of EM I’m taking a break. Of course I’m working on Java, and my MathTools.


I completely overhauled the ‘MEquation’ class, which tool presents a way to generate tons of easily-solved basic algebraic equations. It all came courtesy of an blinding flash of obviosity and probably something I remembered from grad school. I call it The One Equation (TOE):

A(Bx + C) + D
+ F = G(Hx + J) + K
+ N

Okay. Doing this with a table is kinda awkward but it works, after a fashion. The important thing is this: every type of simple linear equation taught in basic through college algebra is a special case of this equation! There are other types of equations, of course, but the smile ones like ‘3X – 7 = 8.’ Anyhoo, I reworked the entire class in such a way as to allow me to add new equations very quickly and very easily.

I’ve also decided to add a markup package for XSL-FO. I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment. I’m also kicking around ideas for my next book and I’ll probably be starting the rewrite before long. I’ll report in when I do.

Ciao for now;



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