Interstellar Election!


Politics can be hazardous to your health! When Micah Stone and his team are assigned to help with elections in Grakis Major, they enter a quagmire of bickering unions, vicious crime cartels, squabbling candidates, apathetic citizens and yellow-armored security guards who fight like elite military. Behind it all they find a massive conspiracy to disrupt dozens of economies, including the League’s!

The government of Grakis Major has a long-standing tradition of inviting League monitors and assistants to help with its presidential elections. This time, though, their economy is a disaster in progress and getting worse. Micah and his team are sent to help one of the candidates gather and distribute data. After meeting their candidate they’re only too happy to comply.

As the mission progresses, though, they begin to discover strange things amiss. Before long they discover an interstellar conspiracy to take over Grakis Major, dozens of smaller independent governments and even a part of the League! In order to stop it Micah may be forced to go rogue and violate one of League Intelligence’s strongest rules.

This story was a blast to write. It involves politics, organized crime cartels, unions and two of the slimiest villains I’ve met to date. They all fall together in a Byzantine cesspool of crime, corruption and interstellar politics. Due to the huge number of unions permeating Grakis Major, Dr. Kincaid kindly agreed to provide a (non-exhaustive by far) list of the ones mentioned in the book.

My current plans are to work on my social media / web presence for a day or two, hack out some Java and start on the next one. My plans tend to be subject to change, though, so I’ll post as needed or required.



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