Multiple minutiae.

Not much happening, not a lot to report, so I’m cramming a hodgepodge into a single blog entry. Dr. Kincaid is graciously preparing some supplementary material for my next book so I don’t have anything new from him, but he’s got some things he wants to say and some more questions to answer for you.

In book news, Stone Blade #5 is almost out. Expect it sometime this week. My cover artist once again did an outstanding job and at the moment I’m putting on some polish. All I can say about the book is that politics can be hazardous to your health!

In MathTools news, I’ve added yet another thing to it. Roman numerals! It’s not a separate tool, it’s part of the ‘Arithmetic’ class, but it’s two methods on it. Well, one method and a convenience method. And some extra replacement tokens for Question’s ID formatting. The method itself can generate upper- and lowercase Roman numerals AND it can leave the number in additive form. Additive form means ‘IIII’ is not replaced with ‘IV’ or other such subtractive forms.

In other book news, my sales are totally flat. They were crappy in January, worse in February and, so far, March is looking like the crappiest since ‘A Pattern of Details.’ It’s discouraging and depressing but I’m trudging forward. As the cliche goes, nowhere but up from here!



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