Requiem for Greatness


On January 10, 2015, this world suffered a tragic loss. Virginia Kathryn Cox left this world to be with God. Her departure was peaceful and without pain, though her loss will be impossible to overcome. She was my mother, and when she left she left a chasm that will always and ever be empty.

Kat Cox loved and she was loved. She loved God, her family, teaching and the Girl Scouts. She was beloved by all who had the fortune to know her well and respected by so, so many more. The actions of her life will resonate and echo in the futures of millions of people who never even heard her name.

Kat Cox, my mother, was both a champion and a pioneer. In her younger years, even before graduating high school, she was an entrepreneur. She graduated high school and attended college and eventually earned both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree. In a time when women simply did not have careers she had not one, but two! She worked as a teacher and she taught four languages: English, French, Spanish and German. Her German class wasn’t too popular because she taught it, in college, at the end of World War II.

Throughout her life, my mother loved and supported the Girl Scouts. She was one but she soon moved from being a Girl Scout into being a Girl Scout leader and volunteer. Even when her paying job was elsewhere, her heart was with the Girl Scouts. In 1979 she elected to leave her job teaching and begin working full-time for the Girl Scouts. She eventually became the Executive Director of the Conifer Council until her retirement at age 75 and her actual retirement… at age 78!

Finally, my mother believed. She believed in God and was active in church, she believed in teaching and was always going the extra mile there, and she believed in helping people. She worked hardest for people who needed. She made sure that the girls who needed it made it to Girl Scout Camp, she made sure students who needed a teacher to care about them got that, and she always worked to ensure that her family needed for nothing. Most significantly, Kat Cox worked for women. She did not demand her rights or whine about not having them, she went out into the world and took them! Because of her and the precious few like her, women in America today can routinely apply for and expect to receive any job anywhere they want.

At 12:50 am on January 10, 2015 this sad world lost a treasure and heaven gained one. And, praise God, my mother received the rest she so overwhelmingly earned.



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