Unhasty hastiness. Or hasty unhastiness, either way…

This is a hasty decision for unhasty actions, or an unhasty decision for hasty action… I’m not sure which! Notwithstanding the hastiness or unastiness of the decision or the action, here ’tis. I’m starting the rewrite on Stone Blade Book 5. I know, I know… I said I was not going to start rewriting until January but circumstances changed. As of now my current plan is to rewrite until I exhaust all my stored-up stories. Then, when I don’t have any left in the wings, I’ll go back to new writing.

Make no mistake, this decision may change. Especially since it’s the result of a changed decision, but at least one rewrite WILL be rewritten. Truth is, I’m stuck on my current new story. Please note, I did NOT say blocked. I don’t believe in that, even in the most outrageous of circumstances when someone might have the audacity to suggest it applies to me. No, I know where the story is going and even (mostly) how it’s going to get there. I just can’t seem to settle on the fine details of it. So, in classic Matt tradition, I’m going to do something else until the path is clear, at least for a few more pages.

As far as SB05 goes, it concerns an election in the governments of Grakis Major. They’ve been League allies for a long time, and for almost as long a time the League has provided friendly and unbiased assistance in the form of data collection and dissemination for their elections.

Times are different now, though. Grakis Major’s economy is dire trouble, taxes are choking the vitality out of it and its citizens, overly-numerous unions and organized crime cartels are making things worse and there really is no good way for the government to survive without things going even worse. There is a glimmer of hope, though. One single charismatic candidate may have the force of personality to pull the citizenry through the tough times and into better ones… IF he can win the election.

I’ll be spending most of my effort on this, but I’m STILL going to take the time to blog and market my books, so don’t think I’m deserting you! Please note, I did NOT set myself a deadline for this one!!!

Ciao for now;



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