Welcome to my Website!

More precisely, “Welcome!” to my website. I finally took yet another plunge and designed a website. I also highly recommend Wix.com as an excellent website, er, site. Using nothing but their free tools, I managed to design a really good site. I mention this because my DNA will not allow me to put flashiness, fluff and other such things on an HTML document I design from scratch. Fortunately Wix has tons of templates, one of which suited my fancy just fine!


Give it a look! I spent a lot of time designing it. Proof positive that, given good tools, even someone with no talent for visual artistry can put together a good site!

I’ll be blogging again soon. Right now I have to update all the places that let me list a website but that I didn’t because I didn’t have one at the time. If that makes sense. Ciao.



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