The Lost Apostrophe

Dr. Kincaid Writes:

“One of the things immigrants and visitors to the League discover is that it’s actually two Leagues. The one most people who don’t live here call the League is actually the New Stars Trade League. The ‘other’ League is the Member Worlds of the New Stars Sovereign System States Trade League, which most League citizens simply call the Member Worlds when the distinction must be made. Originally, the States in Sovereign System States had an apostrophe at the end, indicating that it was the Trade League of the Member Worlds. The difference between the two is subtle to see but galactic in importance!

“The New Stars Trade League is a separate entity unto itself. It exists to interact with persons, groups or governments outside the League. It also handles matters between League members. During the Interim, when the League finally began to stabilize and expand past Sector Prime, its officials had a saying: “The League begins where the atmosphere ends.” That was and is absolutely true, at least for the New Stars Trade League.

“Currently, the New Stars Trade League is responsible for the League’s military forces (Navy, Marines and Patrol), the Guilds, the League Mint and the League Precious Metals Exchange (LPMX). The Member Worlds League is responsible for all League activity within its members’ individual governments and between member systems.

“This duality stems from the original League Articles of Confederation. They were deliberately kept as simple and straightforward as possible. Unfortunately, this simplicity created a multitude of loopholes for local and multi-system solicitors to try and garner advantage for their employers. In response, the New Stars Trade League was organized to oversee the Articles and the Member Worlds Trade League was created to handle the Statutes stemming from the Articles. This gives the League Navy and Marines the freedom necessary to deal with external threats as needed and the Guilds both freedom and detachment from any local regulations designed to impede the Second Article (‘Universal Access’).

“Overall, both Leagues work quite well and they work quite well together. There are some conflicts, of course, but these are unavoidable given the size, scope and diversity of the people involved. Still, the League gives its citizens the maximum individual freedom along with the maximum protection from external or internal threats. Considering the alternatives, some of them not far from League borders, it’s the best solution of and for all worlds!”

-F. R. Kincaid, PhD, ArG

This is an excerpt from Dr. Kincaid’s series League History and Politics, A Primer. He suggested I include it as a very basic introduction to the League. Well, an introduction to both Leagues! To find out more about the League(s), check out my books ‘A Pattern of Details’ and the Stone Blade series.


The Stone Blade series is up to four books now (!!) with more coming soon. I’m currently taking a break from re-writing to do some new writing and marketing, so I’ll probably be starting on Book Five sometime in January.



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