Beta Readers BEWARE!!!

One of the things suggested for independent authors without million-dollar budgets is beta readers. These are folks willing to give nascent authors the benefit of a read and feedback, and possibly a good review. I recently agreed to do a swap-out with a fellow writer. I don’t know how to say this diplomatically so I’ll just rant a while.

First of all, the book is GREAT! It is EXCELLENT!! The characters are well-developed, tight, fully three-dimensional and I CAN’T TALK ABOUT THEM BECAUSE THE BOOK WON’T BE OUT UNTIL FEBRUARY!!! I can’t relate how excellent a read it was and how much I enjoyed it because IT’S NOT OUT YET! I can’t comment on the intricacy of the plot(s) and their wonderful thickness, the excellent twists and turns or the overall quality because IT’S NOT OUT YET!

I cannot comment on how the book took me on a gritty, down-to-the-street roller-coaster ride through the [something] of [a well-known city] because the book is NOT OUT YET!!! Even as I blog this, I am taking a break from writing up my review. I’m putting a lot of effort into this review because the story I read deserves it! But I can’t go into detail because that book is NOT OUT YET!!!

Oh, and lest you think me not diligent in my work, I did suggest a couple of things I thought might improve the book. But not many because it didn’t need it. I can’t elucidate, though, because the book IS NOT OUT YET!!!

So. Beta readers beware!! It is a very rewarding undertaking but, when the story is good, it can lead to impatience!


P.S. My friend who sent me the book, take note! I do not wish to hurry time or rush art, but I am sooooooooo ready for the official release! Hint hint.


One thought on “Beta Readers BEWARE!!!

  1. Well, that’s never a bad thing 😛 I know I’m reticent in offering my beta reading services; I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t like it. But it’s brave of both parties and only recently, I’ve extended my own restricting wings to read the work of my friend 🙂 Thank you for commenting on my blog, Matt. I’ve been a really slack tart as of late…

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