Knights And Blasters!


Failing a mission can cost Micah Stone his life, that’s nothing new, but now success may cost him his best friend! Lately, the League Navy has seen a suspicious increase in the number of defective parts they receive. These parts only fail during combat, when they’re needed most, and often with fatal consequence. Micah and his teammate Vera Kidwell begin tracing this trail in an under-the-garble mission to find the source of the bad equipment. It leads them to the Starcrown Sector, a long-time League member whose government is organized around a King and his Noble Houses. Micah and Vera must then navigate this labyrinthine tangle of intrigue, hidden agendas, plots and counter-plots in order to discover who is sabotaging the League. When Micah delves too deeply he makes a horrible discovery: the thing standing between them and success is nothing less than the life of his friends!

Welcome to the past, in the future! After setting myself the idiotic goal of publishing my fourth book by or before Christmas, I actually achieved it. NEVER AGAIN! The draft of The Burning Crown was my second-shortest and to-date roughest draft and rewriting entailed adding a LOT of detail and doing a lot of fleshing out. Right now I’m concentrating on new writing; I’ll probably start the #5 rewrite sometime in January. Right now I’m a bit tired of looking at the computer screen but that will pass soon!

As one who enjoys Renaissance Faires, I really enjoyed writing and rewriting this book, even though I set myself up for a lot of unneeded pressure. The Starcrown sector within the League has a feudal-like government based on Great and Noble Houses, all of whom must agree on a King appointed from their number. It’s an interesting mix of past and future as Knights do battle both with sword and with blasters, and interstellar trade plays a huge part of how the Houses earn their wealth and relate to each other. We also find out something REALLY INTERESTING about Micah’s best friend and burner par excellence, Charlie.

In other news, as promised: I AM BACK! I’ll be blogging once again, regularly or semi-regularly, so those whose tolerance has faded for my rotten jokes and rancid commentary on life in general: grab the Pepto and grit your teeth! Here they come again! I AM GROOT!



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