Interstellar Terror Attack!


The Semids are a peaceful people and staunch League friends and trade partners. When a group of interstellar terrorists detonates a nuclear bomb at the dedication of their Peace Spire the Semids call on the League for help tracking them down. Micah Stone and his team then embark on a journey of action, intrigue and interstellar trade to track down the ones responsible and bring them to justice. The strangeness of the cultures and the planets they encounter is almost as bad as the foes they seek and they must learn to adapt quickly or face death through sheer ignorance.

Hello! I know I’ve been gone a while but I set myself a MONUMENTAL goal. I want to publish Book 4 in the Stone Blade series by Christmas. The difficulty with that was the last one I published was Book 2: Double Bait. Until now!

I’m proud to announce the publication of Book 3, The Radical Factor. Micah and his team are hot on the trail of a group of barbaric interstellar terrorists and it’s a roller-coaster ride through the stars! It spans interstellar trade, strange civilizations, infiltrating two (count ’em TWO) military-style training academies, mind-altering wine, countless desserts AND a “… classic double-braid with a half-twist noodle snap.”

I probably won’t be blogging too often between now and the publication of SB04 since I have two months and a WHOLE BOOK to rewrite, but never fear! I’ve decided to take a semi-break after Christmas and spend some time doing some serious marketing, blogging, spacebooking etc.

Ciao for now but I WILL be back;



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