Structural Decision

Upon consideration and digestion of several posts on the subject I’ve decided to start a second blog. It won’t be happening any time soon (see below) but it WILL be happening!

As of right now I’m almost done with the re-write of Stone Blade Book 2. I still need to proof it, polish, prepare and restructure but those won’t take me long. Expect it to hit the presses (so to speak) middle to late next week. If not then VERY early (Mon or Tues) of the following week. Basically I’ll be getting in touch with my cover artist soon and once that’s done so will be the book.

I’ve decided to do my second blog as a place to post excerpts from my books. I tried that on spacebook and it didn’t really work too well so I’ll be switching to Blog #2.

For those of you following THIS one DON’T WORRY!!! I’m not changing the format, structure or overall content of THIS blog. Dr. Kincaid still has a lot to say and so do I. I’ll just have the added bonus of another blog upon which to post my excerpts… ONLY! I’ll be starting with ‘Stone Blade’ and I’ll try to post one excerpt per week. If all goes well I _should_ be able to feed that into my spacebook BOOK page, too, and get two for the price of one. PLUS less time wasted on spacebook; always a good thing.



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