Guilds of the League, Part 5


“The Technical Guild. What can I say? When something breaks they fix it. You see them everywhere, they’re not hard to spot: toolbelt, purposeful stride and a look of absolute focus and concentration. Of the four Guilds the Tech guild is the most controlling of its members and by far the most protective. Guild Techs, and there aren’t really any others, receive assignments from their Guild and it handles the rest. Even if the Tech himself (or herself! Female Techs do exist!) accepts the payment the Guild receives it. You’ll never hear a Tech complain about it, though. To a person they simply say ‘One less thing for me to worry about.’

“That is the Tech Guild in a sentence. In their case the stereotype is almost entirely accurate. When they aren’t working Techs like to party, shop, eat out or have families just like any other League citizen but on the job they are uniformly focused, just like a sniper laser. When a Tech is working that is the entirety of his or her universe. The Tech Guild demands a lot of its members and, to a person, they deliver. Members of the Merchant’s Guild might press the rules a bit or even cross them from time to time but not the Techs.

“The Tech Guild is also the exception to the rule about planets or sovereignties not requiring Guild membership. Only Guild Techs are eligible for certain jobs within the League. LINC beacons and full maintenance of nuclear or fusion plants. Of course, given the potential consequences of duffing those repairs the requirement is understandable.

“For outsiders the Tech Guild offers even more certificates than the Healer’s Guild. Anything from antique engines to (some areas of) fusion plant maintenance to Imperial Artifact Restoration to cryobox repair. They also offer a specific series of certifications for the League Navy, Marines and Patrol.

“All things said, League citizens don’t have to worry about their technology. It’s in very good and very dedicated hands. If something breaks just ask a Tech to fix it. Their response: ‘Will do!’

-F. R. Kincaid, PhD, ArG

This is from Chapter 21 of Dr. Kincaid’s monograph on the League Guilds. It’s also his last presentation specifically concerning the Guilds. He hasn’t decided what to cover next but he assures me he still has plenty to say. (I have NO TROUBLE believing that!)

For more information on the New Stars Trade League, its Guilds and day-to-day life there check out my books ‘A Pattern of Details’ and ‘Stone Blade.’ I’ll also be publishing my third book soon, hopefully by the middle to end of this month (August 2014)




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