The Century Mark!

Huzzah! It happened today! My book sales hit 101! That means I’m past the century mark and I’m very happy about it.

Stone Blade #2 rewrite is on page 118 out of (about) 160 so it’s coming right along too. -sigh- Then I get to start rewriting #3 I suppose *grin*. Dr. Kincaid is also after me to finish up the Guilds articles. Apparently he has prepared some special presentations tailored to Earth (Sol-3) and he’s ready to see them posted. Expect the last Guild (Tech) before too long.

Finally I’d like to again thank everybody who bought my books! 99 to 101 is ‘only’ two books but the psychological effect, and the RUSH, is so much more. So THANKS!!!



2 thoughts on “The Century Mark!

  1. That is awesome man. I am starting to see how this site could be a great place to get tips and tricks from other aspiring authors on how to navigate the business and how to make a great book. Good luck with the future writing.

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