Happy Birthday to ME!

Multiple things to report so I’ll get started in no particular order. First of all today is my birthday. Really. I also got the MOST AWESOME present EVER!! SIXTEEN books sold today! That’s my highest daily total ever, it’s almost double my previous daily high (9) and it’s my first day selling 10 or more! THANK YOU ALL OF YOU who bought my books!

Second: to telchar in response to your question. My process is to write rough-rough drafts and then re-write, polish, format, polish, polish and publish. As of now I’m on page 104 of a 162-page re-write. Polish never takes long nor does format. I started the rewrite about the time I published ‘Stone Blade’ so I’ll say, very rough estimate, the next book should be out near the middle or end of August.

Finally, an announcement I forgot to make earlier. Both new covers (based on the ebook images) are live and available in paperback. I got my first copies today and I’ll be doing a little adjusting (thank you Scribus!) but overall they look good.



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