Find the Bright Side!

Well, it happened today. I received my first less-than-five-star review on ‘Stone Blade.’ At first I was kinda bummed out but then the ol’ optimism kicked in and made me some mighty tasty lemonade.

The gist of the review was that from a military standpoint some of the actions made no sense (Trying not to give away any plot elements here!). To me they made perfect sense and they moved the story along the path it needed to follow. Then I reached the bottom of the review.

My ‘military’ actions were critiqued by a Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Infantry!!! I am not a military person; my personal military experience is limited to Air Force Junior ROTC in high school. We didn’t learn infantry tactics or military law, we learned stuff like weather, model rocketry and aircraft navigation. All of my other ‘military experience’ comes from the (many!) former students of mine who were in the service.

I respect and admire any man or woman who chooses to enter military service to his or her country. God bless all of you! Hands down, end of discussion.

And a LIEUTENANT COLONEL, a true military man (or woman!), a true professional soldier and a true LEADER gave my book THREE STARS out of FIVE!!! To me that is a compliment! Based on our relative military ‘cred’ I’m surprised I received even one.

All I can say is that, Sir or Ma’am I’m sorry you didn’t fully enjoy my book. In earnest truth I hope that is the worst thing that happens to you this year and for a lot more to come ;-). If you do elect to read my future works I hope you enjoy them more and I certainly appreciate your feedback!!

May God bless and protect ALL our soldiers and bring them safely home when their duty is fulfilled!



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