Taming a Monster

Scribus is a MONSTER!!

Yesterday, to my horror, I saw my slapped-together CreateSpace paperback cover on my Amazon page representing ‘A Pattern of Details.’ The ebook cover, while pretty bad, is much better than the one CS CoverDesigner generated. I decided it was time to design my own cover using my own (admittedly low-quality) graphic.

In order to facilitate this I downloaded Scribus, the GNU open-source desktop publishing program. I also updated my copy of The GIMP, just in case.

Scribus is a MONSTER!! It is beyond professional-grade software and it is AWESOME, but be warned: it has approximately 8.51 tons of options. It is incredibly flexible, incredibly capable and incredibly powerful. Fortunately it is also fairly intiutive, albeit with a learning curve. For the beginner it can be intimidating but, as with most such programs, after a little practice IT MAKES SENSE. I designed and submitted my cover and I suppose I’ll know soon.

If you’re interested I’ve posted the links below. Scribus is available for Linux and Windows and I think Mac as well (not sure, didn’t look hard). There is one caveat, though: you MUST have Ghostscript installed before installing Scribus.

Ghostscript: http://www.ghostscript.com/

Scribus: http://www.scribus.net/canvas/Scribus

The GIMP: http://www.gimp.org/

If you’re interested in exactly how I did the cover, please leave a comment and I’ll be happy to post the process and the results.




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