Guilds of the League, Part 3


“The Healer’s Guild is the most cohesive of the four Guilds, although some might make that argument for the Tech Guild. Nonetheless the Healer’s Guild creed is ‘Let none suffer’ and each and every member, active or inactive, and every certificate-holder takes this totally to heart.

“This Guild concerns itself with anything medical or health-related. Once League children learn to walk they learn about the circled cross of the Healer’s Guild and they learn very quickly that any person wearing that crest can make them well when they are sick. Any Healer’s Guildhall contains a hospital and any person can go there for medical assistance.

“Structurally the Healer’s Guild covers three objectives. The first, of course, is healing the sick. Guild Medics are ubiquitous throughout the League and any systems with any degree of trade with it. Whether specialist surgeons or Survey medical officers the Healer’s Guild makes them available.

“The second objective is certification. Not all League doctors are in the Guild but any doctor who practices off the planet of his birth is wise to seek Guild certification. The Guild maintains a staggering number of medical certifications from first aid up through advanced neurophysiology. As with other Guilds certification ensures proper and consistent standards.

“The third objective is research and standardization. With travel and trade as common as it is the threat of multi-planet or multi-system epidemics is a very real possibility. The Healer’s Guild works dilligently to prevent this. It also devotes massive resources to the study of Imperium bioweapons and how to counteract them. After the Maldrake IV tragedy even the most anti-Guild activists concede that the Healer’s Guild is a good thing to have around.”

-F. R. Kincaid, PhD, ArG

This text was excerpted from Chapter 7 of Dr. Kincaid’s monograph on the League Guilds. For more information check out my book ‘A Pattern of Details’ ( If you like this please also like my Facebook page about this book:

In other news Series Book #1 is nearing publication! Current title is ‘Stone Blade’ and I’m hoping to have it out by next week at the latest. I’m also up to page 41 on Series Book #2 (title still pending). Stay tuned for further details.



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