Progress Report

Well, I’ve started re-writing Series Book #2. I’m currently ten pages in and I’ve made a few small but significant changes. As far as Series Book #1 I’m shopping around for a professional cover for it. I did the best I could on ‘A Pattern of Details’ but I don’t think the cover I did, while technically accurate, was particularly good.

Regarding #1, as soon as I get it out I’ll blog and spacebook about it. There may be a coupon or two in its future too but right now I’m just working on getting it OUT! I also received TWO requests this past weekend for signed copies!! Admittedly they were friends of my sister-in-law (and mine) but still, it was cool.

In platform news my brand is, well, there. I’ve done spacebook, this and I even twitted once. I like being an indie author, no I LOVE it, but it would be nice to have pro-house help in marketing. 😉 Ah well. Guess I’ll just have to make do.


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