Well, today was a total write-off. I wanted to get a lot of platform-building done. Nada. I thought maybe some editing. Nada. I thought perhaps some re-writing or professional contacting. Again squelch. Pretty sad when your only accomplishment for the day is blogging about your lack of accomplishment.

I’ve been doing some research on what it means to be an indie author. I was depressed because of low ebook sales, Smashwords notwithstanding. The articles I read seemed to indicate that this was the norm. I’m asking experienced indie authors: is this true? Whether or no, it won’t affect my writing. I’m still going to write and I’m still going to publish but exactly where should I set my expectations?

Regarding writing, I have made the definite decision to publish my series as quickly as I can get the individual stories (re-)+written[1] so I’m working diligently on number two. By the time number one hits (I’ll announce the title as soon as I know it) I WILL have a good excerpt for the back pages. I’m also going to have professional cover art, thanks to Dad. I had hoped to cover the cost of ‘professionalizing’ Number One with the massive profits I made from APoD but, alas, it doesn’t look like it’s going to work that way.

Hey. Maybe today wasn’t a total write-off after all!


[1] For the non-geeks out there this is an example of a regular expression. The plus operator, ‘+’, means ‘one or more of’ and it’s applied to the parentheses. Therefore the word could be re-written, re-re-written, re-re-re-re-re-re-written… You get the idea. Ciao.


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