Upcoming…. Stuff.

Well, they say a little learning is a dangerous thing. I think I may be the deadliest person on this blog! Upon reading a bit more on marketing ebooks I’ve decided to whip in shape the first book in my series. I hope to have it titled and released by the end of this week. I’ve done a lot already but there’s still more to do. I’m going to do my own cover again, which is probably a mistake, but I can always upgrade it later.

Fortunately I do have #2 written, at least in rough draft, so I’ll be able to include an excerpt in #1. Of course this also means I’ll have to start re-writing #2 ASAP. Plus maintain my platform. Grrr…

Speaking of which I’ve decided to twit. If anyone is interested my handle is ‘@moldyripegrape’ but I probably won’t be twitting often.



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