Building a Platform


When I read, from multiple sources, that the key to being a successful (read money-earning) indie author was building a platform I had no clue it would entail so much constant work!! Up until now I didn’t blog or do spacebook or any such thing as that. I considered (and DO consider) spacebook a major time-waster and a vector into the OS for any virus that can hide in a hyperlink.

I cannot say I was wrong, but sheeeeeeesh!! As of now I have a standard spacebook page, a community page dedicated to my book(s) and a blog (this). Now the blog is lots of fun, more so than I thought it would be, but the rest… Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh!!

Maybe I’m missing something or perhaps I’m just not experienced enough. My ‘platform’ activities are seriously sucking up time I could be writing!

Any suggestions on how best to balance or how to increase the bang-to-buck ratio would be GREATLY appreciated!



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