Smashwords ROCKS!!!

This is Smashwords. Smashwords ROCKS! I mean Smashwords utterly and totally ROCKS. Ever since I uploaded my book there I’ve been waiting, with some anxiety, to see whether or not it would be accepted into their Premium catalog. That is, I was wondering what changes or upgrades I’d have to make to my text to get it accepted into Premium.

The site docs say ‘… one week or two if we’re backlogged…’ for a timeframe. Well, one week passed so I figured they were backlogged. I also thought they’d send an email when it was approved or rejected. I just logged into the site, though, and I discovered MY BOOK WAS ACCEPTED THREE DAYS AGO!! Yipeeeee!!! Woo-HOOOOOO!! Matt is a happy individual right now!

You GO, Smashwords!!



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