Guilds of the League, Part 2


Dr. Kincaid writes:

“I’ll start with my own Guild: Artisans’. It is the most eclectic of the four and its members are the most diverse.

“First of all, don’t call it the ‘catch-all’ Guild. That is both rude and inaccurate! When the Artisans’ Guild was chartered it was the result of a conscious decision to both increase the number of Guild members and to limit the number of Guilds. Professionals in one of the other Guilds are fairly narrowly-focused in terms of what their Guild provides or guarantees. Merchant’s is a partial exception to this but much less so than Artisans’.

“The Artisans’ Guild was formed to allow Guild benefits for professions too narrow or with too few members to warrant a full Guild. I, for example, am a Fellow of Letters. This is a fairly numerous but relatively small group within the Guild. By education and training I am a historian and archivist, both of which disciplines fall within the Fellowship of Letters. In addition to the basic Guild Articles and the Artisans’ Guild Articles we have a specific set of ethics and standards to which we must adhere.

“That’s how the Artisans’ Guild works. When a group of experts in a particular field first gather they begin with the Guild and Artisans’ Articles and establish further standards based on them and specific to their knowledge and expertise. Once formalized the senior directors within the Guild discuss and approve them. Or, in rare cases, they may be sent back for revision. Either way, the end result is a new group (or Fellowship) within the Artisans’ Guild.”

– F. R. Kincaid, PhD, ArG

The text above was excerpted from Chapter 4 of Dr. Kincaid’s monograph on the League Guilds. I’ll post more as I’m able. If you’re curious you can find out more in my book ‘A Pattern of Details’ (

In other League news I’ve been approved to start an official archive for our planet! Check out for developing details!



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