I got SMASHED!!!

I just got SMASHED!!!


I joined this wonderful thing called Smashwords. For those who don’t know it’s a web service that takes a book, formats it for all the popular readers (plus a few extras like RTF and PDF) and offers it for sale. That plus, if the technical specs qualify for Premium level they will market on your behalf to Apple, Sony, Kobo and several other major e-tailers. COOL STUFF!

Oh. The main reason I’m so excited is that in less than a single day on Smashwords I sold my first copy there. When I logged in today I found I’d sold two more!! AWE-some! For those of you who might be interested their main page is:


They offer lots of resources including some really good marketing guides and all of it is FREE!!

-sigh- On a slightly more disastrous note (NB: I’m being facetious here) pigs will soon fly and a hot place will soon freeze over. For years now I’ve been resisting spacebook and twit but now it looks like I’ll be joining them. Stay tuned for further details.




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