The Die Is Cast

Well, I just approved my proof for paper publication on CreateSpace. I received my proof copy a couple of weeks ago and my life has been full since then. My middle son (finally!) got married, Dad was discharged from all his therapies (flying colors!) and has started the rounds of doctor follow-up visits… I finally realized I was just procrastinating. The format was fine, the cover was fine and I was the only thing holding up the process. I haven’t been blogging much recently but I’ll be back in the saddle now.

Regarding the commit… Book sales have been dismal. Well, absent is more correct. It’s a bit discouraging but I know there are lots of folks out there who will like my writing, my problem is connecting with them. Any suggestions?

In other book-related news I think I’ll try my hand at something a bit different. The last book I wrote (NOT the one I’m talking about here, I have a few waiting in the wings!) turned out darker than I intended so I’m trying a more lighthearted project. For the incredibly curious, my first (published) book is ‘A Pattern of Details’ but I’m working on a series set in the same universe. Different characters, same setting. Once APoD takes off I’ll start working the rest into shape.

That’s all for now but look for more information on the League soon. Dr. Kincaid is pestering me to post more of his article so I’ll start working on that now.



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