A Bloggable Moment

I’m back in the saddle again!! Lots to say, little time to say it.

First of all I’ve just finished reading a fascinating book: ILLUSIONS, DYSTOPIA & MONSTERS by Kermit E. Heartsong. The book is subtitled “How The Truths of Our Time May Be Stranger Than Fiction” and boy oh boy is that right! Mr. Heartsong’s approach to his narrative was by comparing elements of today’s society/world/environment to movies both classic and modern. It’s a truly fascinating take on “film creates life” vs. “film reflects life” with citations of movies from The Matrix to Soylent Green to Sleeper and lots more. There were a few I haven’t seen since the 70’s and a few I haven’t seen at all. Those are definitely on the to-see list. I’ll also say that while I don’t agree with all of Mr. Heartsong’s conclusions that certainly did not inhibit my enjoyment of his book. If you’re looking for an outstanding and very thought-provoking read then this is definitely the book for you. Be warned, though, toward the end of the book Mr. Heartsong begins wickedly teasing the next book he hasn’t written yet. HURRY UP!!! *grin*

Matt’s rating: 4* out of 5*

In other news the Valentine’s Day promotion went well! If some of you are the ones who took advantage of it, THANKS!! I hope you enjoy the read (and post comments accordingly).

On the software front I’ve added an XML Utilities panel to the Matt’s MathTools demo classes. It allows basic XML validation, XSLT transformation (with parameters) and XPath evaluation. I also tinkered under the hood a bit so the engine works better now. Vroom, vroom!!

League-wise I haven’t received anything from Dr. Kincaid lately. If I don’t hear from him soon I’ll see if I can pull something from our past correspondence.


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