Software update.

Whoa! What an inspiring title! I just finished sprucing up MathTools and stomping some boogs. I also updated and proofed ALL THREE tutorials so I’m feeling kinda technical right now. I love Java almost as much as I love writing!

T-town was also snowed in yesterday so once again my thoughts and prayers are headed northward (and SOUTH-ward, too. Amazing!) to all the folks still going through it. I’m not complaining, though! We may not have subzero-temperatures but we DO have crazed rednecks who think ice is ‘… just like goooooooood deep mud!” It isn’t! BTW, I do consider myself at least three-quarters redneck but I’m NOT going to take a 4WD out ‘ice-ing’ in lieu of mud. Not gonna happen!

Warm thoughts and warm wishes to all the cold folks out there;




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