Real Life Interferes…

Whew! Finally I have a chance to blog again. Unfortunately real life interfered and I had matters of import to attend. I’m back now and should be back on my blogging schedule.

I don’t have much to report on the book front. Sales aren’t picking up, unfortunately. Any suggestions on how I might improve them would be greatly appreciated!

On the MathTools front I’ve been re-proofing my tutorials in the oddments of time I’ve had available. I encourage any math teachers out there to take a look at the package. Although it’s written with OpenOffice/Libre Office, Firefox and LaTeX in mind it can work with ANY text-based math formatting technology.

We also had a slight cold snap here where I live… My heart and prayers are going out to those of you ‘up north’ who are still living through it. Hang in there, summer’s coming!!

Warm thoughts and wishes;



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