Surgery and Other Things

Not much to report. I’ve been performing surgery on MathTools; tinkering around with its guts to make it work better. The next release will have the AWT objects away from CapCom and in a holding class of their very own: GPickle. This is prep work in case I decide to work up a way to use MathTools on Android. I’m also thinking about creating a generator for perspective paper.

Book-wise there’s not much to report either. I just joined Goodreads so I’ll be posting there, too. It’s a cool site! I was able to rate books that have been out of print so long that kids born since then have had time to have kids of their own! (Okay… mid ’70s or thereabouts.)

I’m also considering (and lining ducks in a row just in case) doing a free promotion. I’m torn between early Feb. and Valentine’s Day. On the one hand the first is closer. On the other Valentine’s seems apropos for a love story (or at least one that contains some romance). -sigh- I suppose I’ll figure it out. (IOW ‘Feedback welcome here!’).



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