Notes On The League

The Member Worlds of the New Stars Sovereign System States Trade League is composed of almost 1000 systems, loosely organized into sectors. A system typically consists of a single stellar entity (one star or a binary pair) and its associated planets, asteroids, gas giants and other things in orbit around it. When two such groups are extremely close they might be classified as a single system but this is incredibly rare.

League sectors are typically formed as a group of systems representing a single government. When they join the League they become a new sector or, less commonly, part of an established one.

The League itself is organized around profitable trade among its members. Unless specifically invited the League itself does not interfere in the governance of its member systems and planets. The only absolute rule is the establishment of a starport and orbital station, both of which are considered League territory.

League member-systems enjoy a level of interstellar trade and technology unsurpassed since before the Imperium, if even then. This is where the League government excels: it works to ensure that no system exploits any others through predatory trade. It accomplishes this through tariffs and taxes levied on the items traded between the stars. Richer systems pay (slightly) more while poorer systems or disadvantaged ones receive breaks. Overall the system works quite well but there has been some friction. Any such issues are handled quickly, though, and always to the benefit of all parties involved.

-Author’s note: The text above was adapted from personal correspondence with Ferdinand R. Kincaid, PhD, ArG who is a highly-respected League historian and archivist. Until our LINC relay is completed I will be sharing information from my personal interviews and conversations with Dr. Kincaid.



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